I recently joined my first print exchange, where folks make a bunch of prints and mail them to a coordinator and the coordinator mails out a bunch of prints to each individual.  The exchange I joined is called “Prints for Peace”. I enjoyed making the print and I’m really excited to see what I get back.

The exchange benefits Grabados por la Paz México and there will be a gallery showing of the participants’ prints in June.

Here is the description I sent along with the prints:

The print, “And Then The Doves Came” depicts a tractor in a half torn down community being overrun with doves. The doves are overwhelming, popping out from the grey/pink landscape.  They are just arriving in flight to address the situation and there are more on the way.  The image was inspired by the story of Rachel Corrie, a peace activist killed in 2003 while helping to protect a home from a bulldozer in Gaza.  The piece symbolizes the artists’ hope for the peace movement.

Here are some other relevant pictures of the print in process: